2 Nov 2013


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2 Sep 2012

Chile day 18

We made it to the coast! Oh man is it beautiful. You can surf all the way up it. It reminds me of California. But we did not come here to surf. We are going through these towns that were hit by the earthquake that happened in February of 2010 (ignore my video that i said 8 months ago). We have been driving for 14 hours today passing through all these small towns. It is so beautiful here down the coast and its nice to see water again. We have a couple of interviews lined up to see people tomorrow. All the interviews will be in Spanish so hopefully I can understand some of it.

21 Aug 2012

Chile day 7

Today we went to the shop to build our split boards. It was a lot of fun but so much work. We got in at 10am to pick up some supplies and didn't finish till 9pm. Well I still haven't finished cause we ran out of appoxi so I need to finish it up early in the morning cause we are heading down south to start the 2 week split board country trip. Its going to epic. We are renting what looks to be a rape van but it will work.

20 Aug 2012

Chile Day 4

Hands down one of the most fun shred days of my life. We woke up to bluebird skies and fresh snow. All of you guys know that in BC that rarely ever happens! Unfortunately it was a bit of a later start cause we had some troubles getting our passes right away but all good. This was the first day of shooting for the snowboard section for Beyond Boarding and we all had a great time. Just doing fun pow turns with whole crew and some slashes. We even dipped into the backcountry part of the mountain and did a lap to finish the day off when the sun was almost down! That was the best run of the day sending it down this big open face then into a narrow shoot that you had to straight line to make it out. Unfortunately my contour was out of power at the start of the run.
In the night we got kicked out of our hostel cause it was full so we had to go find another one. Luckly Mattis found a couch for us to sleep on but not with out us stranded for a bit outside. Then the whole Beyond Boarding crew went to the bar for this Redbull after party and John and Eric Jackson were there. It was really cool talking to them and letting us know there adventures so far for Brothers and the Run, they thought our project was cool too. Then we partied the rest of the night. That was the first day the whole crew has been together and can't wait for the rest of the trip to unfold.

                                          Backcountry line we did

                  John and Eric Jackson. No big deal...

19 Aug 2012

Chile Day 3

We finally made it to the mountain!! The road is so cool but so sketchy.. cause the are so many switch backs so you are constantly doing 90 degree turns. The mountain we road is El Colorado Cause we got hooked up with a pass for there which is sick. Unfortunately the upper terrain wasn't open so we could only ride half the mountain but it was so good. Did a bunch of pow turns, but there are still a lot of    rocks underneath so you need to be careful. Amazing first day and a bunch more to come.


16 Aug 2012

Chile Day 2

The day started off badly as we missed our bus to make it up to the mountains to meet up with the rest of the crew. Anyways we got out of this sketchy hostel as fast as we could and went on this 2 hour mission to find a new one...We finally got checked into the central of downtown. So we spent a whole day checking out the city and it was sweet! Downtown Santiago is beautiful and there are people everywhere. Unfortunately my camera ran out of battery so I didn't get many photos. It is like Robson street with shopping everywhere except it's about 10x bigger. I finally came across a Starbucks and was so stoked to get a frapichino in me. Jen also bought a spanish translator book cause the language barrier is insane here. Alrighty finally snowboarding tomorrow as we make our way up to El Colorado mountain where the journey begins!

15 Aug 2012

Made it to Chile

Me and Jen finally made it to Santiago, Chile!! After 2 days of flights and a lot of coca-colas later we were ready to go. We quickly learned that everyone here spoke spanish and no one can speak any english. We got lost multiple times and was hard for us to get our bearings straight when we got to downtown Santiago. Chile is a lot more run down then I thought it would be there fore a huge culture shock. Honestly the part of Santiago we are in reminds of Hastings street cause there is garbage every where and everyone looks sketchy, i feel like someone is always following me. Despite everything, we dipped into this mall and came across this Ripcurl shop. Random right? Tomorrow we make our way to the mountains to start the journey! For now staying in a sketchy hostel for the night...